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The Community

Our vegetable garden


April 16th, 2012

Traditionally, the local community mainly fed on potatoes and had little access to other vegetables essential to a balanced diet. Creating an organic vegetable patch was a great way to get workers interested and introduce iron and fiber in their daily regime. This is key for the kids’ concentration and growth, giving energy to the workers and off course for the older generation’s good health.

Koos Goeieman – who is also the winery’s duck master – has been in charge of the vegetable garden for some time now. His most recent harvest was onions, pumpkins, beetroot and green beans. Koos has an assistant, Stoffel who helps him with maintenance and upkeep of the vegetable garden. Koos has really proved to be an entrepreneur and is selling his produce locally and sends some to the market in Cape Town. So not only this project has been great for the community by improving their diet but it is also generating a welcome extra income!


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